Ladies: don’t have anyone to golf with?

Woman GolferMany of our golfers started just like you. They wanted to golf – and learn to get better – but weren’t ready for golfing with the guys, and didn’t have friends who were interested in a regular golf outing.   That’s why Ladies Links Tour is so great!

Our goal is to encourage friendly, non-competitive golf, and to help our members to meet new golf friends. So if you’re in this situation, here’s what we suggest:

  • Attend our Open House on Sunday, April 19, 2015  - it’s your chance to see what our league is all about, and to understand how we work. Yes, there’s a fee to attend, but that’s because we’re a non-profit organization!  All funds go back into making the league great for you.
  • Join online and attend our spring golf clinic on April 25 – and make sure you tell the volunteers you’re a new golfer – we’ll make you feel welcome!
  • Book your first round – check out the courses we golf at, and how members book their weekly golf.  Most courses offer online bookings, so just look for a tee time that has an open spot and claim it for yourself.
  • Introduce yourself to the course host and let her know you’re looking to make new golf friends.  She’ll help you meet our members and find people to golf with.

If you want to become a regular golfer, don’t let anything get in your way!  Ladies Links Tour Golf Association is here to help.