Taking advantage of our Facebook page

Early in the season – and especially for newer members – it’s sometimes difficult to find someone to golf with. And if you’re new to Ladies Links Tour, you may have questions or be unsure how to proceed.

That’s where our Facebook group page can be a wealth of information.  You canfacebook-667456_1280 post a notice that you’re looking for someone to golf with.  You can ask questions.  You can even post photo’s of you and your golf buddies enjoying Ladies Links Tour :-).

First, go to our Facebook page.  At the top of the page click the “Join” button.  Once you’ve joined, you’ll get an email every time someone posts to the group, unless you turn that off.

And if you can access Facebook from your smartphone, you’ve got the ability to keep up with Ladies Links Tour wherever you are, and get timely updates, perfect if you’re trying to round up someone to golf with.

I’ve used it to find someone to golf with, to comment on events, and share photo’s.  I encourage you to do the same – we want you to enjoy your year with Ladies Links Tour and the more ways we can communicate, the better!