Management & Directors & Volunteers

If you are interested in standing for election for any position, forward the information
to or telephone (647) 438-5889 .

Host Directors-we currently have no guarantees of what courses will be running next year;
however; we need to have bodies lined up to host direct once the courses are confirmed.

Everything Else-many volunteer opportunities are available within Ladies Links Tour Golf
Association, even for those who are the busiest.  Please let us know if you’ll be able to help
out in any way for the next season mentoring, special events committees, tournament
committees etc...

Your Board of Directors 2018/2019

Mary Shaw

Mary Shaw - Director

Mary is a retired elementary school principal and a long time member of Ladies's Links for 15 years. She joined our volunteer group as a hostess at Markham Green for 6 years.

Mary Shaw believes in the importance of LLTGA, not only to further the game of golf but to encourage more women into the game of golf.

“As we encourage women to get involved and provide a welcoming, supportive environment for women to learn the game, meet new people and enjoy the great game of golf.”

She likes to curl and ski in winter and spend several hours each day walking her dog! She enjoyed playing tennis and racquet ball for many years until she broke her elbow! Now she golfs more and lucky for us she has joined our team of directors. As a director she will steer our group for the next 2 years.

Barb Gillespie - Director

Barb is retired from a 30 year career in sales management. She is married with 2 grown children and has 3 grandchildren and 3 grand dogs. They all keep her pretty busy. She has been a Ladies Links Tour member since its inception and has volunteered at the opening and closing golf tournaments. Barb has made some great friends through the league and is working hard to increase membership and to also make improvements so that our current members continue to enjoy the benefits of Ladies Links Tour. Barb used to spend her winters curling until her knees wore out. Now she spends most of the winter golfing in warmer weather.

Fran Kendra - Director

Your Management Team 2018/2019


Sharon Braybon

Jackie Bertram - Treasurer


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