I just bought a new set of custom clubs from Ollie Golf
- and I got the Links Tour special price.  I love my new clubs
I think Ollie added some extra talent in them because they sure work a lot better than my old ones!!

Marina Dranitsaris

Ollie Golf
Ollie Golf   465 Bayly St. W., Ajax, ON L1S 6M7

Phone 905-683-0087, fax 905-6837480

Spring Specials from Ollie Golf Expires October 30

Question…. Ever wonder why? Why do I have 14 clubs? I hit my 6,7,8 about the same distance.
Why do my drives never get up in the air?
Why am I always 3 putting?

If you can identify with the about, make a FREE APPOINTMENT to have your clubs analysed at OLLIE GOLF. Want 20 more yards? Seriously Today there are lighter weight shafts (both graphite and steel) AND lighter weight Heads. So you can swing them faster and hit it further.
See me!

Do you have arthritis? I have grips that will help!

  • Ladies Links Tour Special

    1 Driver ( Hi Loft)
  • 1 Fairway & 2 Hybrids or 3 Hybrids
  • 4 Irons
  • Total 8 clubs Light weight. Graphite Shafts Made to Fit You After a Fitting.
  • Regular $500.00 - Ladies Links Tour price is $399.95

4 Styles Heavy so they can be made @ 29” to 33” and still have the same Swingweight and Feel as a Standard
34” or 35”
$25.00 off for Ladies Links Tour members

TAD MOORE IRONS Sky or 1001 5 to PW + SW + LW (Total 8 Clubs)
Regular $350.00 Save $50.00 NOW $300.00
These Irons are fit to you and then lie checked and bent to your specs

Computerized measurement of your putting stroke. TOMI records 8 critical parameters of your Putting Stroke in real time.

1. Alignment at Address
2. Alignment at Impact
3. Path at Impact
4. Stroke Path and Rotation
5. Shaft Angle
6. Impact Spot
7. Speed at Impact
8. Stroke Tempo

TOMI has been on the Golf Channel and been used by all the best golfers on every Tour in the World.
$50.00 for 2 hours. www.tomi.com

HALF SET Ideal for the New Golfer, Junior or Golfer with Slower Swing Speeds
Set Includes Titanium driver 12 or 14 Deg Loft, 1 Fairway Metal OR 1 Hybrid Irons 6, 8, PW
STARTS $150.00
LEFT HANDED SPECIAL½ Set (7 Pieces) $99.95

Inspire Fairway…Numbers 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 (RH)…Numbers 7 and 9 (LH)….$25.00 ea All 5 for $100.00
Title Tour LT Offset Driver 14 Deg.….Pink Shaft….LLTGA get 50% OFF…..$89.95
Title Tour SLR Drivers 12 and 14 Deg…..Blue and Black shaft LLTGA get 50% OFF….$89.95
TAD MOORE Wedges….Bendable….Reg $140.00….LLTGA price $39.95

NEW DEAL….Links Tour members can bring in ANYONE and receive these discounted prices….(Friend, Relative, Significant Other etc.)
Links Tour Ladies can always come in for a FREE Club Analysis